Random Rant 09/12/2018

I'm sort of inspired by my drama drought to write something about the state of affairs in the Chinese show business industry. I don't claim to be a guru about showbiz, but I read loads and loads of gossips, and I just thought it'll be cool to write down some of my personal thoughts. Mainland … Continue reading Random Rant 09/12/2018


“Countdown!”…’The Last Empress’ preview of Jang Nara’s turn to the dark side

Has anyone been watching The Last Empress? I certainly haven't. There was a bit of a casting drama for the show actually. I almost thought Jang Nara was out of this one. In fact, I was a little surprised when fans in DC wanted her to act in the drama, because I thought it's a … Continue reading “Countdown!”…’The Last Empress’ preview of Jang Nara’s turn to the dark side

Go Back Couple at the 2017 KBS Awards

I can say objectively that Go Back Couple was the best drama KBS had this year. I know Father is Strange and My Golden Life were huge rating hits, and Chief Kim was the best performing weekday prime-time series. However, KBS weekend dramas have essentially the same formula and are always popular. Go Back Couple … Continue reading Go Back Couple at the 2017 KBS Awards

[Oh!Strong Focus] Representative works… 2017 dramas

Just a small build-up to the 2017 KBS Drama Awards which is coming up in about... 3 hours? Article: [Oh!Strong Focus] Representative works... 2017 dramas #1 Ji Sung's best acting yet in Defendant #2 Looking forward to season 2 of Secret Forest #3 The life drama of Jang Nara, Son Ho-jun as well as us … Continue reading [Oh!Strong Focus] Representative works… 2017 dramas