Go Back Couple at the 2017 KBS Awards

I can say objectively that Go Back Couple was the best drama KBS had this year. I know Father is Strange and My Golden Life were huge rating hits, and Chief Kim was the best performing weekday prime-time series. However, KBS weekend dramas have essentially the same formula and are always popular. Go Back Couple … Continue reading Go Back Couple at the 2017 KBS Awards


[Oh!Strong Focus] Representative works… 2017 dramas

Just a small build-up to the 2017 KBS Drama Awards which is coming up in about... 3 hours? Article: [Oh!Strong Focus] Representative works... 2017 dramas #1 Ji Sung's best acting yet in Defendant #2 Looking forward to season 2 of Secret Forest #3 The life drama of Jang Nara, Son Ho-jun as well as us … Continue reading [Oh!Strong Focus] Representative works… 2017 dramas

KBS in the midst of preparation for the end-of-year drama awards

With the strikes ongoing at MBC and KBS, there were rumours circulating that year-end awards will be cancelled. However, KBS has come forward with an official statement saying that they are preparing for the drama awards, though they also confirmed in the same statement that they will not be holding awards/festivals for variety or music. … Continue reading KBS in the midst of preparation for the end-of-year drama awards

More on Go Back Couple…

More articles following the conclusion of Go Back Couple. I think interviews may be coming up too. I'll see if I can find time to do more comments translations. Article 1: [Again TV] Finale 6 weeks of laughter and tears with 'Go Back Couple '… let's do a second season (ft. please) Comments: [+3666, -40] … Continue reading More on Go Back Couple…