It’s all over the site already, but I’m anopinion from the Soompi forums, I also have a YouTube channel for random uploads and minor subbing projects. Look it up yourself if you want to. To be honest, I’m pretty bad with self-introductions (that may explain why I never get past my first job interviews) and so writing this is a torture.

Anyway, as I have mentioned in my very first post. I do not take translation requests unless it’s pertaining my favourite celebrities which include Lee Joon-gi, Lee Yo-won, Jang Nara, Seo Ji-hye and Park Bo-gum. However, because I’m really fickle too, expect this list to change once every 2 weeks, and rest assure that this About section will never update as quickly as my preferences.

Also, if you guys haven’t realised, I do sarcasm pretty well. In fact, I’m so good at it I’m almost annoying.  And due to my critical nature, do not expect me to swoon over the same things you guys do even if we share the same bias. In other words, I can be brutally honest and say things like “Moon Lovers was crap”. There, I said it. I’m also terribly nonobjective, and I add tidbits on my own opinions into my translations. Those are represented in Italic, so do not mistake them for real comments posted by real netizens.