KBS in the midst of preparation for the end-of-year drama awards

With the strikes ongoing at MBC and KBS, there were rumours circulating that year-end awards will be cancelled. However, KBS has come forward with an official statement saying that they are preparing for the drama awards, though they also confirmed in the same statement that they will not be holding awards/festivals for variety or music.

Personally, I don’t give a damn about Kpop, so the lack of a music festival doesn’t bother me. However, I do watch 2 Days 1 Night regularly, though I haven’t been catching up with the episodes after the member change. I think what’s evident is the hierarchy of the different types of entertainment, with dramas > varieties ~ music. Of course, KBS is a broadcast network after all so clearly dramas should have top priority anyway.

The good news is that this means that the cast of Go Back Couple will be eligible for awards. Right now the front-runners for Grand Prize are likely to be Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) and Jang Nara (Go Back Couple), with Choi Kang-hee (Queen of Mystery), Jung Ryeo-won (Witch’s Courtroom) and Kim Young-chul (My Father is Strange) having outside shots.

I’m not going to do translations of the comments, because it’s swamped with fans of he who shall not be named of My Golden Life thinking that he actually stands a chance. Fat. Freaking. Hope.


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