Kim Tae-ri to collaborate with Lee Byung-hun in Kim Eun-sook’s Mr. Sunshine

I don’t give a shit about this drama really. The last Kim Eun-sook drama I finished was Lovers in Prague and that was more than ten years ago. I didn’t bother with Descendants of the Sun, and I dropped Goblin because it was too boring. The only reason why I decided to translate the article is because the responses are pretty funny.

Article: Kim Tae-ri is the female lead for Mr. Sunshine, “collaboration with Lee Byung-hun” [Company Statement]


  1. [+5073, -192] Please be careful.
  2. [+3734, -117] Uncle and niece? (They have an age gap of 18 years.)
  3. [+3366, -139] Run away!
  4. [+2574, -108] So Lee Byung-hun is confirmed.
  5. [+2270, -136] Run away.

Cr. Naver, 일간스포츠


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