Recommendation: Meuan Khon La Faak Fah

I’ve never thought that I’d watch a Thai drama, but there’s a first for everything. It started because Bilibili (a Chinese video portal) has tons of subbed Thai dramas, and I just clicked into I Wanna Be Sup’tar with the intention to try watching one. Honestly, the tones of the language don’t sit well with me. It’s incredibly annoying to listen to actually (I don’t mean any offense though). The first time I watched a Thai drama, I thought that the actors were super noisy and the guys sound extremely high-pitched. Now… well, my stance hasn’t changed that much, but I’m certainly getting used to things.

As of the time I am writing this post, Meuan Khon La Faak Fah hasn’t ended yet, but I just feel this strong urge to express my adoration for this drama. My log of Thai dramas is short. Mainly because even though I think the girls can look very pretty (like Davika Hoorne and in this drama Matt Peranee), I can’t gush about their male leads who don’t look even half as attractive. Yes, I’m superficial at times. I used to think that I’m not so particular about the male leads, but I think the actual fact is that in Chinese and Korean showbiz, the guys are in general (objectively) good-looking. I can’t say the same for the Thai entertainment industry. Often I find myself disagreeing a lot with their beauty standards (and their decision to pair people who don’t match). Another contributing factor is that I heard a lot about the use of rape as a trope in Thai dramas. That’s a huge NO for me. There’s also the fact that Thai dramas are in general cliched as hell.

On to the topic at hand, Meuan Khon La Faak Fah. I call it Far on the Horizons, though literally I think it’s more like At Two Ends of the Sky. Compared to most of the Thai dramas I read about, the leads are pretty and the makjangs haven’t started. Also, I’ve heard great things about the two leads: Andrew Gregson is a fantastic actor, and Matt Peranee the best actress in her generation (I can see why if this is indeed true). Anyway, MKLFF is about a blended family, the mother of the female lead marrying the father of the male lead, and the two of them grow to fall in love as well. There’s a more detailed description of the original version (the current one is a remake) but sources have told me that other than the names and the general setup the new version bears almost zero resemblance to the original. Not that I care though.

I can’t say that the drama is awesome. The central conflict is rather simple: the male lead thinks that the mom is out to get his dad’s money (it doesn’t help that she used to be a prostitute) but he falls in love with the daughter of the woman he hates. However, I think the story is well-executed, the script well-written, and the drama brilliantly acted out by the two leads. Andrew Gregson and Matt Peranee have exceptional chemistry. Just the cuteness in episodes 2, 3 and 7 are enough to make me stay for the entire show even if it eventually can’t escape from the typical Thai cliches. Trust me, there’s no way you won’t fall in love with the female lead by the second episode. She’s just too adorable (and smart). I’ll just post the subbed version of the parts I love love love and you guys can see it for yourselves (cr. SJDK Fan Sub).

ARGH. I couldn’t stop smiling when I was watching. Do you guys get me now? The feels. I need to get started watching episode 6 with subs now. Later!


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