Casting news for Lee Joon-gi, Jang Nara

Not so long ago, I said that the blog will only become active when either one of Lee Joon-gi and Jang Nara takes on a new drama. Boy, it happened almost immediately! First, Jang Nara received an offer to star in the drama Housewife Detective. Next, Lee Joon-gi is supposedly considering starring in the Korean version of Criminal Minds, with Kim Ah-joong his rumoured costar. There is only a single article on Jang Nara’s potential casting, and the comments are too little so I won’t bother. However, as expected, because of Lee Joon-gi’s star power, there are a lot of responses to his casting article. So here goes.


  1. [+2315, -78] A profiler’s fine too… Ooh… I’m already looking forward to it…
  2. [+1723, -81] I like Criminal Minds so I’m excited for this. Kim Sang-joong suits one of the profiler roles by the way.
  3. [+1333, -89] Heol, as expected of a global star (Knetz love love loooove to use this phrase, inappropriately). Supporting you, Lee Joon-gi actor nim ♡ Love you ♡♡♡♡♡
  4. [+1109, -59] Looking forward to it. Lee Joon-gi actor nim. Sounds cool.
  5. [+912, -57] Daebak^^ Joon-gi nim ♡ hope to see you soon!

Cr. OSEN, Naver

Clearly, mostly fan girls. I’ve never watched Criminal Minds. I can’t stand American series because of their length; I’m more of a BBC short series person. However, I’ve looked at its Wikipedia page and I’m wondering if they’ll add a loveline to it. Well, that’s the Korean drama way of doing things. My hope is that the romance is non-existent unless written into the original series. I’m also not big on Kim Ah-joong as a costar, but at least she won’t turn me off the drama, which is good enough.

On Jang Nara’s Housewife Detective, the lack of articles (perhaps because she’s with her own agency) suggests that there may not be much truth to it or that she’s not seriously considering the offer. Personally, I feel that the plot is weak and the male lead, 2PM’s Chansung, is also weak. The drama also has not secured a broadcast slot, which just bodes trouble. It’s apparently going to be pre-produced and will air in China and Korea simultaneously, but nope, I doubt that’ll happen because of the ban. In short, I’m very against her taking up the role. It’ll be a dream come true if instead she’s cast for Kim Ah-joong’s role. Advance apologies to Kim Ah-joong’s fans, it’s just my personal wish.


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