Nam Joo-hyuk confirmed as male lead for tvN’s Bride of the Water God

As some people may know already, they are setting the story in the modern times, so the title of the drama is actually Bride of the Water God 2017. Lol. I’m not a manhwa (or manga or whatever) person at all, so I had to google to find out about it. If you are too lazy to do it, here’s the Wikipedia link. Personally, I’m not too fond of the premise. Apparently the Water God has a child and an adult form, so it’s going to be complicated and slightly disturbing. Anyway, according to this article, Nam Joo-hyuk is confirmed for the role of the Water God.

There are calls for Lee Joon-gi even among the Korean netizens, but I think they are skewing a little younger with this drama. Honestly, I can’t imagine a 30 year-old playing the Water God’s bride, and I’m not fond of Lee Joon-gi being constantly paired up with female actors much younger than he is. So even though he may look the part, I think he probably shouldn’t take it (not that he was offered the role though). Besides, I can’t imagine such a folktale still being applicable in the modern era too. You mean that there are still people who’ll sacrifice a young girl to the Water God in this day and age? Hmm…


  1. [+4238, -138] Eh……? Eh????????
  2. [+4303, -187] The Water God is sexy and exudes a dangerous vibe. Nam Joo-hyuk is… just cute and warm.
  3. [+3101, -180] The Bride of the Water God is daebak… … He fits the image well, but his acting… there are a lot of emotional scenes.
  4. [+2536, -267] Nam Joo-hyuk is freaking handsome, even in the eyes of a male. But I don’t know about his acting ㅜ
  5. [+2678, -399] If he acts better…

Cr. Naver, MyDaily


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