Blog Updates #1

Just a couple of updates:

  1. Night Light episodic article translations will be discontinued because of a lack of response. As I have mentioned on various platforms, I have dropped the drama (and I suspect many Korean viewers have as well). There’s not much buzz on the drama, and comments on its articles barely reach 100. There’s not much point in translating what there is. I can expect what they’ll write though: Lee Yo-won’s acting and aura, criticisms of UEE’s acting. I have also read comments saying that they should just take out UEE and let Lee Yo-won and Jin Gu act. What a joke! I personally feel that Jin Gu’s character is super bland, plus it’s not as if he’s the best-looking guy in the world. I always always always skip watch his portions.
  2. On the lack of blog posts in general, I’m sick plus I’m on vacation. This blog will probably be dormant till Jang Nara/Lee Joon-gi get cast in new dramas. Hopefully soon. Or when Whispers (written by my favourite Kdrama scriptwriter and starring Lee Bo-young) is airing. It depends on my mood really.



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