Night Light Articles (Ep 3 & 4)

Just a couple of translations of comments from Knetz for the pilot episodes. I’m just going to use random pictures from now on; you guys can look at the screencaps by clicking on the links of the articles.

1st article: Jin Gu falls into Lee Yo-won’s trap… first meeting with UEE

  1. [+685, -22] Lee Yo-won shouldn’t be cast in a warm and light rom-com… She’s always playing cold and calm characters…
  2. [+588, -25] Lee Yo-won’s low voice and how she speaks her lines… really cool… the drama is absorbing.
  3. [+449, -27] Lee Yo-won is a really good actor~~~ the drama is interesting.
  4. [+324, -28] Ahㅡthe drama’s interesting. It makes you sit and watch.
  5. [+147, -10] Lee Yo-won as Choi Seo-yoon in Empire of Gold and Seo Yi-kyung in Night Light. She’s made for such ambitious girl crush characters.

Cr. news1, Naver

2nd article: The reason why Lee Yo-won only has eyes for money

  1. [+770, -42] The story is getting more interesting… Lee Yo-won really suits these type of cold characters.
  2. [+578, -34] Night Light… Time passes so quickly when I watch it… It’s really interesting… My type ㅠㅠ (me too)
  3. [+464, -30] I’m only addicted to this drama. Will the ratings rise a little?
  4. [+440, -36] Lee Yo-won’s really good at acting ㅠㅠ The drama’s fun ㅠㅠ
  5. [+153, -14] Lee Yo-won looks expressionless but she expresses her emotions impressively with her eyes and the movement of her facial muscles. People who can’t catch it will think that she just has a poker face.

Cr. OSEN, Naver

3rd article: Lee Yo-won became who she is because of Jin Gu

  1. [+686, -36] I like UEE but not how she widens her eyes and keeps blinking. Her acting is a little ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  2. [+408, -28] It’s good and Jin Gu and Lee Yo-won’s loveline is out. (I actually like the womance a lot.)
  3. [+385, -34] As expected… Jin Gu’s eyes.
  4. [+347, -32] Lee Yo-won’s acting is really good ㅎ The character also suits her. When did she become so good at portraying the cold type of characters?

Cr. xportsnews, Naver


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