Can Night Light catch Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim?

MBC’s Night Light starring Lee Yo-won, UEE and Jin Gu held its press conference yesterday. Can the duo of greedy woman in this drama play catch up? For reference’s sake, Teacher Kim’s latest viewership ratings is at 13.8% and it has been on a rising trend. I’d expect a very modest premiere for Night Light honestly.


  1. [+909, -59] There’s zero chance of it catching Teacher Kim. Watching Teacher Kim makes you realise the importance of acting and dialogue expression in dramas ㅡ
  2. [+997, -103] UEE lost her personality when she lost her fats.
  3. [+897, -94] Hak~~ UEE is slowly becoming a plastic surgery monster… … why, why did she do that to her chin… … ㅠㅠ It’s a pity, really…
  4. [+500, -23] If you look at it, the format (of the programs) is always the sameㅋㅋ Cable dramas on Mon-Tues have lighter material~ From what I remember MBC is always about power struggle within the household~ SBS does medical dramasㅋㅋ (what a blanket statement, a few dramas don’t make a trend)
  5. [+268, -20] I’m watching Teacher Kim… I don’t think it’s reasonable… to expect it to catch up to Teacher Kim… The acting, pronunciation and all (in Dr. Kim) are perfect… even the cast (is good)…

Cr. xportsnews, Naver

I’m not very inclined to translate what they are saying about UEE. I doubt her fans will be happy to see it too. I personally think she looks great in the stills so far. On the topic of ratings, never say never even though it’s not looking optimistic.

EDIT: Revised title of competing drama.


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