Follow up: Seo Ji-hye “I feel more relaxed compared to when I was in my 20s… enjoying acting”

My previous post was a long translation of Seo Ji-hye’s interview for Woman Sense. Here’s a short follow up translation of netizens’ comments, I need to relax too and take a moment from my studies (ARGH).


  1. [+1815, -25] Everytime she appears on Jealousy Incarnate I’m surprised by her beauty…
  2. [+1164, -24] She’s really pretty?????
  3. [+933, -18] Hong announcer is really really pretty, the classy type of beauty.
  4. [+890, -14] Her character in SBS’s Punch was really charming~! She’s shining in her supporting role this time as well ! I’m looking forward to Seo Ji-hye’s performance in a lead role next time~!!
  5. [+725, -20] She’s beautiful on screen and beautiful in person as well, even among celebrities~ hit it big ♡

Cr. Naver, OSEN


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