Lee Joon-gi, first among hot topics in drama category…


  1. [+2991, -128] Great news~~~ He’s always maturing as an actor~~ please take care of your health…
  2. [+2635, -137] I’m sad that I no longer get to see Wang So on Mon-Tues ㅡㅜ Please greet us with a new project soon~~
  3. [+2174, -114] As expected of Lee Joon-gi~~!!! Looking forward to more CFs and your next drama~~^^
  4. [+2137, -138] There’s nothing to watch on Mon-Tues after Moon Lovers ended… I want to see artist Lee Joon-gi’s next work!!
  5. [+1925, -102] Lee Joon-gi is a trustworthy actor.

Cr. Naver, xportsnews
Source: http://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=421&aid=0002363863


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