Starting a blog

So I’ve decided to start a blog documenting all the translations I’ll be doing. This will not be like NB, kkuljaem, or any other translation blogs because I don’t translate everything, and I will not take requests unless the article is on a celebrity I like (so check the About section first before bothering me).

Some general “rules”:

  1. I have zero interest in Korean pop, so all such requests will not be entertained.
  2. I have limited Korean knowledge, so don’t trust my translations.
  3. Also, due to this very same reason, long translation projects can take up to weeks or months or never. I won’t tell you if I’m giving up though, so you’ll just need to learn to take obvious hints.
  4. Referencing is completely acceptable, but please tell everyone that the translations are crap and I won’t be taking any responsibility for inaccuracies.
  5. Github markdown is accepted for peeps who don’t know HTML but want to format their comments.



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